Combination - Eventuality - or Thing of Destiny

September 11, a date that will never be forgotten for two reasons: one being the day that the first time the world stopped due to the attack. Another, now, also because this bombshell greatest impact of recent centuries.

Genuine Black Box Found Intact Nazism in Brazil in January 1980 only now released.

Consequently our designer, the medium with unmatched power of spirituality deciphered the enigmatic secrets of some of the scientists and strategists Adolf Hitler, revealing previously unpublished facts properly supported, which should be brought to the knowledge of mankind through the press or our book titled: "The Latest Secrets of Nazism, "in the process of publication. Learn more through our revolutionary site: - link the Enigma of Hitler.

The facts here are presented in a clear and alternating reduced due to extensive field with more than 250 pages.

According to our public statement dated 07/2005 duly registered in the 9th registry of São Paulo under number: ........ the text also clarifies: We are a group of businessmen formed by sponsors of various nationalities, although we also deal with technologies that source, we make no apology for Hitler's Nazism but also the regime, only develop and present this surprising reality that was dormant for more than 8 decades. Resurrected now, turned into a gigantic complex for which few countries will be able to assume this responsibility, because it can change to the cyclical rhythm of human history in the coming years.

After the initial disclosure of this finding it will be the most precious treasure hitherto proved. This because of its importance in the field of science, technology and history in the contemporary world. We transfer all expectations so far conceived.

We also urge
the world press, the scientific community, scholars of conflict between nations, historians and considered large brains that before express their opinion about the reality presented should update their concepts based on existing evidence that massive package that was found sealed between walls in 1980 ( object demolition) in the neighborhood of Bela Vista, Sao Paulo - Brazil.

For better situate them about, have advanced some of the 20 questions that mankind should be aware:

. Why do top-secret projects of Hitler thought that contained massive package?
. What actually failed to conquer the Nazi War 2?
. Why not succeeded in its most important scientific discoveries and today, quite easily reached the final denominator?
. What would the other series of diabolical designs and improper disclosure that worked after the inversions? And so will the sequence of projects and frustrated that contained massive package.

This is a great collection, mysterious finding that guarded secrets among media warfare, cutting-edge technology projects and improper disclosure at this point (except the press).

With reference to said medium:
Our organization maintains this extraordinary man, with singular gift of clairvoyance as seldom appeared in the world, screened in total anonymity to preserve their physical integrity and harassment due to its unique natural wisdom.

Certainly, soon, it will be regarded as the genius inventor of the XXI century. This not only have deciphered these puzzles, but also for his indescribable how science is challenging the hegemony oil and even the potential of nuclear power plants. Facts are duly recorded.

Young man with wisdom beyond logic that even without being part of the framework for scientists or engineers decipher the enigmatic secrets of all massive package. Redesigned and reversed the technological character of the aforementioned projects, beneficial for evil. And so, our engineering using the latest features, especially the electrical and electronics associated with conventional knowledge has developed revolutionary new technology, they should have changed the course of the world due to its indisputable supremacy now being displayed. That has not happened due to the clarifications contained on our site. Link: "Ignorance of the Policy Framework."

                                              Table of Comparisons

Even the days we experienced no group of scientists or of renowned universities, competitions for young inventors from around the world, even together were not able to present innovations that will scale as presented below in the following areas: fuel, generation clean energy, mass transportation, refrigeration and other.
Among the technologies already commercialized and deployed around the world, we have 35 new creativities directed to the good of humanity, developed within three years. This complex is inexplicable with their fully functioning prototypes judiciously distributed among four cities in Brazil, available to interested parties within the contractual norms, as well as the Heads of State of developed and developing countries, oil, gas and other producers.

We put now the major publishers in anticipation for a major release bibliographical The contemplated acquiring its intellectual property rights may launch the 1st edition of our written work entitled, "The Last Secrets of Nazi", a work which await the opportune moment this edition planned to two million five hundred thousand copies in three languages.

Derivative of Find New Technologies that Will compete in the market in Coming Years

For the industry to provide cooling innovations for online domestic and commercial air conditioning. Innovations that are sure to leave the sector completely universal exceeded. See our website link: "Cooling the Near Future"
We have developed 50% of the 1st transport vehicle mass moved in a 100% self-sufficient (see the site).

Provide the key to not only revolutionize the aviation industry as well as the nautical, the motoring and alternative energy, all these with a simple innovation started in the 30s, the new series of electric motors turbo 100% self-sufficient, engines high power and speed, which does not use water or fuel. His original design was intended only for the operation of aircraft.

Redesign of the medium
passed the design for small aircraft-engine, twin-engine and helicopter. However, due to lack of sponsorship and understandings with EMBRAER not come to conclusions aircraft, while Brazil could have presented to the world its first manned aircraft, moved in a 100% self-sufficient. Ie free from fuel combustion. Reason for which this project to transform the motoring as we demonstrated in our site with electric Komb turbocharged 100% self-sufficient, with over 3,000 km of testing on major highways in the country.

Another new creativity engine of brute force and high average speed. We treat our automotive engine hybrid electric-diesel regarded by us as the world's most economical. Is nothing more than a combination of technology between the early twentieth century, with our days.

We note that to achieve success in initial tests had to be used scraps from manufacturers Thonpson Britsch, Albert Erbert, Honda and GM.

Other important scientific discoveries frustrated in the 30s

Now fully developed, the available evidence for any oil, gas or producing for the strategic sector of governments of countries wishing to get rid of oil dependence.

Alternative fuels that will make a difference in the coming years. Offer of indescribable forms never before seen or imagined by scientists at present, only by those who designed them in the 30/40.
We also present advanced means of energy generation (clean), among them the New Energy Without Borders Unsurpassed generated in a 100% self-sufficient. Technologies are considered adversaries. The Unsurpassed N. Energy will be faced with all existing energy resources. Even the clean and harmless, such as solar and wind will be out of this challenge because it is generated in a self-sufficient through means mechanical, electrical and electronics, energy, able to function in all four corners of the Earth's surface.

In the case of fuel, our will to face the oil and ethanol. Perhaps ironically this discovery came when it was announced the collapse of energy to which we approached. The end of the fossil fuel era. Moreover, ethanol, the shortage of oil will have to increase the space carpet green, taking increasingly used for growing the food comes as currently occurring in Brazil.

Liquid fuel
New modality that fully replaces diesel and biodiesel, derived from technology investments of the 30s. This emergence will promote great controversy by not being part of the diesel cycle, not to interfere in environmental issues and contribute greatly to the health of mankind. It has been tested for more than 50,000 km. Fuel feedstock available in almost everyone.

Inversions chemical derivatives of 1940. Surge in 2010 potent fuel developed in the laboratory also able to replace the CNG and LPG. Technology with abundant raw material in all developing countries, tested for over 300,000 km.

Formulas dated in 2012 nominated for "Miracle of Trash", which work accurately for all engines to the explosion of categories 4 and 2 stroke. After being certified by the scientific controversies arise due to large compared them with ethanol and CNG to be derived from landfills. To be produced on a large scale will promote clean up the real environment.

Note: the oil, gas producers sector and production of electricity interested in future negotiations should contact us to receive the DVD, which will present the technological supremacy of the century, ie, what we were also unable to present at the recent Conference Rio +20, mainly Unsurpassed New Energy Without Borders, the energy that should have changed the future of the world. Moreover, we will present our laboratory producing fuels without question, fueling vehicles and demonstrating its high performance on major highways in the country.

Because the Engineering ENBRAPIT be maintained by an organization linked to the company sponsors and other volunteers, until then, was not necessary to resort to government coffers as well as to private financial institutions to finance these developments. For this reason we ask for your support in order to be part of the group of sponsors or volunteer, helping with the desired amount to be used in other developments in the genre. To fill this billet.

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